2 Corinthians 11:28 (MSG)
28 And that’s not the half of it when you throw in the daily
pressures and anxieties of all the churches.

Church has a lot of work that needs to be done behind the scenes. Pastor Karen and I are so grateful for the team that He has given us to work the ministry. Allow me to take a moment to introduce and salute the Ministry Team Leaders.

Associate Pastor Arthur Delgado

Executive Elder Solomon Singleton
Elders Kim Gregory, David Gregory, Santos Cadena

Deacons James Hopper, Jeff Swingle, Max Williams

Junior Deacons Cody Conkey, Kevin Burch

Multi-Media Robin Turner, James Hopper
Registrar Elaine Delgado (Bible College & Prison Ministry)

Worship Kim Gregory, Harmony Pelizzari

Kingdom Forces Pastors Kinzey and Vicki Joiner
BLAST Kids Pastor Shekinah Betz

Interior Design: Cynthia Osborne
Zombie Hunters James Hopper